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We are here and spent all that time to creating ideas, planning, preparing for every eventually.

what we love doing

Wedding/ Social Events

ornament1 Wedding/ Social event are highly enjoyable experience that require Intelligent planning to be successful. At Striker Entertainment we listen to your ideas and adapt to your needs.

Corporate Events

ornament1We can organize a wide range of corporate events in elegant fashion. Details are very important to us. Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we can work together to put on a lavish and professional event.


ornament1 Striker Entertainment can deliver a conference that will capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Embracing an imaginative approach, we meticulously plan our conferences to provide all of you attendees with a truly immersive experience.

Entertainment Services and shows

ornament1 Entertainment is for amusement. After a day of tedious work, people would love to attend shows that would relax their mind. Entertainment and show management has gained popularity in the recent years.

Upcoming Events


Why Choose Striker Entertainment ?

  • We understand the challenges of event organisation.
  • We work with you to develop unique concepts and bring your events to life.
  • Understanding the complexities of organising an event, we work in partnership with our clients to transform your ideas into reality.


With over 10 years of experience, The Striker entertainment was originally founded to serve producers, meeting planners, corporations, and associations by providing the right technology with the right people along with exceptional creativity to deliver a stress free experience.

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Our moto

We are truly an Event Management Expert as we help in simplifying the complicated job of managing an event. Managing events is not merely a job for us; it is something that we absolutely love to do.

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Why us

Fresh ideas, new trends in events and entertainment, meticulous detailing, 24×7 work attitude, presence of mind and a passion for perfectionism to bring a method in the madness, are just some of the reasons that make an event.

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What we do

Transparent processes and pricing, and contracted rate with service providers to work out cost-effective events and conferences.

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